Make Up Brushes (10 Piece) & Leather Bag

Manufactured & Provided by Monise Beauty (Pty) Ltd.


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Having the perfect tools to create the best make up look is precisely what you need to boost your confidence. The classy Monise Make Up Brush set and standard leather cosmetic bag is the perfect addition to your make up routine. This 10-piece set includes a variety of brushes that focus on different application techniques, and allows the everyday women to have a polished, professional, and natural make up look. High-quality, sleek and effective, this is your perfect travelling  and everyday use make up brush set.

The Monise 10-piece Make Up Brush set features a beautiful champagne colour, sleek aluminium handle and wooden finish. The brush hair is made from high quality imported nylon wool that is soft on the skin and that applies make up naturally. The aluminium handle is durable and won’t deform or fade.  The wood is coated in non-toxic paint and is made from environmentally friendly wood. High quality meets great technique and effortless beauty and make up application.

The Monise Leather Bag (Standard) is made from matte cream genuine leather with a bronze sturdy zipper. It is lined with beige linen on the inside to protect the leather, to keep it clean and to give it a completed look and feel. Compact, but spacious, and stylish for any travel and everyday use.

  • Brushes Colour: Champagne.
  • Bag Colour: Matte Cream & Beige.
  • Brush Size: Various sizes.
  • Bag Size: (H) 26cm (W) 18 cm (D) 8cm.
  • Convenient zipper and quality stitching. High quality nylon wool bristles, earth-friendly wood and paint and aluminium steel handle.
  • Travel friendly.



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  • Flawless and smooth application, enhanced precision and high-quality brush heads that help you create the perfect look that will last all day.
  • Helps apply product seamlessly with skin, minimizing streaks and unevenness. Does not over-absorb products and will reduce wastage.
  • Versatile use for both wet and dry based make up products. 
  • Durable brushes that will withstand regular use and cleaning without losing their shape or functionality. This will result on longer lifespan and In turn is a better investment for your make up routine. 
  • Variety of different brushes for different areas and application techniques including brushes for foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyebrows, blending and more. 
  • Safe for sensitive skin. Gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation or discomfort.
  • High quality product, and durable genuine leather and strong zip.
  • Lifetime purchase and will last you many years with good care.
  • Stylish cream matte colour and champagne finish, and perfect size for overnight or weekend in smaller suitcases and backpacks.
  • Convenient - keep your self care, make up and toiletry essentials on hand all day.
  • Travel-friendly.

Why This Is For You

The Monise Leather Bag is a medium-size spacious bag that is perfect for any cosmetics, products or self care items. Paired with the gorgeous sleek 10-piece make up brush set, this is the perfect gift for a friend, or just the right kind of spoil to help yourself look and feel your best every day. Leather remains a timeless classic, is super stylish but also durable, and will last you much longer than any other kind of material. With this bigger leather bag, the focus is all on convenience, having everything you need in one place, and travelling with your make up essentials for shorter day trips and weekends. The make up brushes are super soft, durable and high quality. Perfect for sensitive skin and gives you an application that lasts all day. Invest in this versatile set and achieve your seamless, natural make up look everyday!

How To Use

  • Choose the desired area of application and select the correct brush. Remove the protective cover from your brush and it is ready to use.
  • For wet product application: Apply the product to your skin or to the brush and apply to the desired area. 
  • For dry product application: Dab the brush in the product and apply to the desired area.
  • Frequently wash or clean your brushes. Use water and a make up brush cleanser, scrub or soap. Do not scrub or harshly wring your brushes. Softly rub and cleanse and leave to air dry. Remove excess water from the wooden and aluminium handles once finished. Washing your brushes frequently will keep your brushes free from bacteria build-up. 
  • Once finished with your make up application, store your brushes in your leather bag until your next use.
  • Open the zipper of the bag, add your desired items, and close.
  • Easily fits into any suitcase or handbag.
  • Care for your leather by wiping down with a wet cloth and feeding with leather cream every 3 months.
  • When washing: Turn the bag inside out and pull the lining out of the bag. Wash the lining only with cold water and soap. Air dry. If the leather gets wet, leave it out to air dry and not in direct sunlight. Do not wash leather or iron.

Money Back Guarantee

This product does not qualify for a money back guarantee. However, should you feel like you received a faulty product or have any queries on the results, please feel free to reach out to us at and we will gladly assist.